My name is Justin Rosenberg and contrary to popular mythology, I was not born with a camera in my hands. I was born a normal birth, in a hospital, in Plainview, NY. It wasn't until sometime after I left the hospital that I discovered photography.  

After photographing for many years in South Florida, I decided to pack up and head west, to Los Angeles. I have fallen head-over-heels for this city, and after living here since 2011, I feel I have a greater understanding to Dre and Tupac's "California Love," as well as every song the Beach Boys ever made.


My main-stay is photographing humans, in portrait form. Often times, I'm making these portraits for commercial, editorial, and promotional purposes. Sometimes I'm just making portraits because I've found an interesting subject and feel compelled to tell their story through imagery. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with magazines, brands, design agencies, as well as a host of non-profits. 

Random Trivia Answers:

- I'm obsessed with shopping carts. No, seriously!

- No, seriously. Like really freaking obsessed!

- I don't have a large intestine.

- I am equally obsessed with coffee and sushi.

- I have both Tool and Rihanna in the same playlist.

- I once crash landed a commercial 737 flight simulator.  


Photo Credit: Noelle Bernaert

Photo Credit: Noelle Bernaert