Nebula vs a very cold shoreline

A few favorites from a recent photoshoot at a very cold shoreline with Nebula (  I know what you're thinking, "Was it really that cold?" Well, let's just say the snow is not photoshopped :). My friends are gangsta!


Funny aside: My mom (who is a a big fan of my work [if you're reading this, thanks mom]) recently asked me if all these people are just running around naked/frozen the whole time we're up in the mountains. The answer is a big NO! While it certainly might get a bit chilly during the brief moments of shooting, the reality is, I have a lot of goofy outtake photos testing lighting/location, etc. Basically, a lot of fun moments like this:



Ok, one last thing .... for good measure. Since there's still a large part of me that is a landscape photographer, I often take photos at these locations, but without the human element. Here's one of those :) (If you're bored, feel free to go follow my landscape only account on Instagram: