- Chewbacca, Judas Priest, Most Pirates

I'm primarily a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. I'm still trying to figure myself out. When that happens, I'll probably write a more relevant bio.

Semi Useless facts:

Fact 1: People think I have some supernatural ability to find fog, but I just spend a lot of time on weather websites.

Fact 2: I don't have a large intestine.

Fact 3: I love shopping carts. A lot. So much so that I even have a tattoo of one.

Fact 4: The earth is not flat. (I have verified this on Snopes).

Well, that's the more goofball side of myself. To dive a little deeper in to my brain, read my Artist Statement.

Work with Me

Have an upcoming project for yourself or your brand? Want to buy some art? Want to be in some art? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling, the weather, and all that jazz (just not soft jazz).

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