1. Astraia and Some Morning Fog

    This may not come as great shock to some of you: I love fog. I love driving it, walking in, photographing in it, and just generally existing in it.  I’m also learning to love sunny desert scenes, but this post is about fog. Fortunately, Astraia Esprit also loves fog. So naturally, we planned…

  2. Kristina x Desert Vibes

    Kristina (IG: @unicornkristina) was recently in Southern California from Toronto. It was still technically winter when we linked up for a shoot, so we opted for a desert shoot (as a Canadian, she had enough of winter snow). Below are a few of our favorites Are you looking to work

  3. Whitney Meets Mount Whitney

     A few months ago one of my dear friends, Whitney (IG: @whitney_wildone) flew in again from London. When she was here about a year ago, we had this crazy idea of road tripping up to one of my favorite locations, Mt. Whitney, on account of her name being Whitney too…

  4. Jessamyne and Snow for Evil Tender

    A few weeks, ago, Chris Jaflukfka (of Evil Tender website) reached out to Jessamyne Rose (IG: @jessamynerose) and myself about shooting a snowy story for an interview his website. We happily obliged, because, duh, we love snow Below are a few of our favorites from the day. You can see the…

  5. Alea Malibu Morning

    A few months ago, Alea Rain (IG: @alea.rain) reached out to me about shooting some early morning portraits in Malibu. Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot Are you looking to work with me? You can reach me by clicking here.Are you looking to buy some prints,

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