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Head In The Clouds Book, Print Edition

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 Fog forces you to be in the present moment. In any direction, you can only see for a just a little bit, so all you’re left with is exactly what is happening in that moment.  You can look in front of you, but you can’t see the future. You can look behind you, and you’re not defined by the past. You’re just exactly where you are, right where you need to be, right when you need to be there.

Head In The Clouds is my long awaited retrospective book of foggy photos. This 10x8 inch landscape oriented book is filled with 112 pages of why I spend so much time with my head literally in the clouds. I've included a mix of human subjects as well as person-less fogscapes.

Since I'm selling directly, please allow up to month for delivery.

Well, that's the scoop. I hope you enjoy this little book of foggy photos as much as I've enjoyed creating it!



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